Friday, April 8, 2016

hello there, friend,

i am fascinated by the way we compare ourselves to those around us. i see my middle schoolers doing this wish that they wouldn't. it's easy to say to them that it doesn't matter what others around them are wearing or doing, to just be themselves. but, to some extent social cues are important, and learning how and when to blend in and when not to are lessons that will extend throughout their lives.

the social comparison that makes me feel less than or not good enough can be a side effect of too much time online. scrolling past beautiful white and uncluttered spaces, cute outfits, completed projects, or random accomplishments can make me feel inadequate if i do too much of it. it becomes easy to think that everyone else has it better or at the very least has their crap together.

it's true... "comparison is the thief of joy". i don't remember when i first read this, but i know it resonated with me deeply, and still does. it's also true that "gratitude turns what we have into enough".