Wednesday, April 20, 2016

hello there, friend,

like you i have been chasing the light... the sun in the mornings and evenings has been golden and soft, lingering and lovely. it feels more and more like the start of summer than early spring. our kids are wearing shorts to school, breezes blow through the windows in the evening, we are late getting to bed and by the time i wake, light is just starting to leak into the house...

friday you wrote about being fully alive. ironically, i had been thinking about this same concept on and off for the past two weeks, as it was a photo prompt for a self portraiture group i am in. it made me wonder what is it that makes me feel this way... do i walk around all day in a haze or do i walk around in my body feeling fully alive?

when i reflect, i feel fully alive when i challenge myself physically, when i run, when i jump into freezing cold water, when i sled down a steep hill, when i lift weights. i'm not a thrill seeker or daredevil, i don't seek out opportunities like these and yet, i know they make me feel alive. but being fully connected and present makes me feel alive, too... having a good conversation, laughing out loud, watching the rosy pink sky after a sunset, laying down on a blanket with a book, snuggling with my kids on the couch... experiencing these things with all my senses and savoring them makes me feel alive, too.