Wednesday, April 27, 2016

hello there, friend,

my daily life doesn't have much stress on the surface and i'm the kind of gal who rolls with the punches, generally. over time, though, small stresses build up and without better coping strategies i get to the place where i know something needs to give.

lately, i've just barely been holding it all together. at the end of the week, i'm almost surprised that i made it... that i got to all my appointments, that i didn't leave a kid stranded somewhere. i keep looking for ways to streamline daily tasks, but even so, my to do lists are overwhelming at the moment.

each weekend i think i can recoup and catch up... but it's not enough. there are responsibilities on the weekend too. i deal with stress ineffectively, seeking to rise above it, i look for things to be grateful for, while neglecting to take better care of myself. i feel like i could use a weekend away... alone and with no responsibilities at all.