Monday, April 4, 2016

hello there, friend,

our conversation last week coincided with a text from a friend about the latest episode of the 'on being' podcast, in which the guest talked about technology and specifically her intention each week to take a break from it. she and her family have a technology 'shabbat' or sabbath each week, from sundown friday to sundown saturday. she talked about the perspective that taking a break gives her - a chance to see the larger picture again, to remember her place in it, and to rebalance.

most weekends, i spend less time on my phone and on the computer than i do during the week. this weekend was no exception - although it wasn't technology free. i wonder about this idea of fasting altogether as a family. i wonder how that would work and what we would learn.

your words have come back to me over and over again... 'only what matters'. in tending to all that goes on in my life, i find myself pulled in so many directions. repeating these words, reminding myself that not everything has as much value as i'm led to think has centered me these last few days as i continue to wrestle with the time i spend online.