Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hello there, friend,

We are in the midst of several sunny, spring-y days, which started with the weekend. It's so strangely liberating to go from being shut in all winter to suddenly find yourself in the midst of sunny, seventy-degree weather. My kids ran around with the neighbor kids, and I sat with a book in my lap, the sun warming my back. My husband pulled out all the patio furniture, and we clinked beers and laughed. It hasn't felt so good to be home in a long time.

I have found myself distracted by the sun, every day stalking the light. I notice when it shifts and try to take it all in day by day. We haven't lived in this house for a year yet, so each sunny morning is something new. It gives me greater appreciation for this house, which is slowly feeling more like home. Every day that passes, every room painted, every layer of us added is bringing it into focus: we are here and this is home.