Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello there, friend,

When I lived in the south, almost all of my relationships were online. I had a few friends, but they never stuck, and I always wanted to move back north so I probably didn't invest as well as I should have in friendship. Having friends online was easier and it gave me all of the things I wanted from my friends, except for one key thing: being able to reach out and touch them.

So last week, when I found myself sitting down with a new friend for coffee, I was happy to find how much we had in common. Our conversation was honest and vulnerable. I left feeling understood and grateful. It's a hard balance, like everything with the internet, to find the right mix of real life and online. I find so much good in both, but realize I can't neglect real life because going to the internet is easier. This is true for friendship as much as anything else.