Monday, April 25, 2016

hello there, friend,

you reminded me with your letter about the need to be fully present for both the good and the bad. it's so easy to claim with gratitude the moments we want to savor, but it's harder to want to feel fully the emotions that go along with disappointment or anger.

i struggle with how to feel both - with not stuffing down or negating the emotions that can be seen as negative. there are so many times that i feel like i don't have the luxury to sit with my emotions or feelings. it's hardly convenient.

when i watch my own children process their emotions, i see this play out. my younger two are still feeling their emotions fully. when they are angry, hurt, or disappointed we all know it. interestingly my older daughter has begun to hide some of her emotions as she's become more private. it makes it harder for me to communicate with her, but even more aware of how i react in relation to her.

knowing my children are watching me and learning daily from my example sometimes feels like a burden, but i have to remember it is truly a gift.