Monday, May 23, 2016

hello there, friend,

when we moved to where we are years ago, the biggest drawback, by far, was being further away from family. instead of being able to visit each other for a weekend, we wait until summer or christmas when there's a little more wiggle room for a trip. i often wish we lived closer.

friday i jumped in my car by myself and headed to eastern pennsylvania with the mission of surprising my mom for her birthday (which i managed to pull it off with the conspiring help of my sister and dad). it was so fun to surprise her, so good to connect with both my parents and sister, to have time to talk and just be together.

last week i wrote about feeling like i had little left to give... i write today feeling like my tank has been filled back up. having a weekend without the responsibilities of home and family were as much a gift to me as my visit was to my mom. it was worth every bit of the 6+ hours each way to spend a whole day and then some together.