Monday, May 9, 2016

hello there, friend,

gretchen rubin talks about knowing yourself as one of the keys to habit changing. i've been listening to her podcast 'happier' since it's inception and yet it wasn't until this past week that i started to understand this concept more fully.

for many years before i had children, i got up at 5:30 and went to a gym, sometimes with and sometimes without a group of friends. i kept this up on and off until a little more than two years ago when my husband started leaving for work earlier and my children all needed to be up by 6. about a year ago i realized i hadn't been to the gym more than a handful of times and so i gave up my membership, telling myself that i would work out at home and i'd rather be outside walking or running anyway.

while this is true, it doesn't always happen. and for me, if i don't run or work out right away - in the morning and as soon as it's feasible it often won't happen. gretchen's theory of 'know yourself' reminded me that for years i was successful at working out in the morning (because i can't rely on having or making the time in the afternoon). so, last week, i set out everything i needed for exercise the night before (including my phone and earbuds) and in the morning got dressed right away. as soon as the kids went out the door i was moving. i cannot tell you what a boost this is to my physical and mental self. isn't it about time i 'know myself'?