Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello there, friend,

I am so glad your weekend was fruitful and that you came back restored and refreshed. Why is it so hard to find that in our daily lives? It's difficult when you're depleted to think about doing anything. I am certainly in it again this week with my husband studying for his final exam, my son having terrible allergies and maybe an ear infection, my daughter having too many activities and appointments, and us planning to have a garage sale at the end of the week. What was I thinking?

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast on personality type, then reread a bit about my Myers-Briggs type again. I try not to invest too much of myself in personality typing, but I do find it helpful. For me, an INFJ, taking time for myself to be restored and refreshed is so important because I tend to say yes to everything and keep giving until I'm totally run down. (See above paragraph.) The article I read said it's actually more selfish to not take time for myself than to take it because I'm not able to give my best to those I say yes to. Hmm, I hadn't considered that.

I'm not exactly sure what this looks like for me or for you. And I know we're not alone in feeling run down and trampled by life, like we're giving until we can't give anymore, and uncertain how to press pause and take the time we need. But I'm determined to figure it out. It's on my list of things to do this summer.