Tuesday, May 3, 2016

hello there, friend,

i completely understand wanting to be in the moment and enjoy the occasion of your daughter's seventh birthday. big days and big events sometimes feel intimidating to me... to get an image that's just right sometimes feel like too much pressure (and the day already has pressure of it's own). it's a reminder to me that although there are momentous days and events in life, the ordinary days sometimes hold just as much magic without the pressure.

the older my children get, the less they want me to take their picture. when my twins turned 13 this year, it was all i could do to get them to look at the camera for a minute. i didn't get a perfect picture of them together, but i do have a clear memory of standing in the yard trying, the way the sun fell behind them, their begrudging smiles, their distinct personalities so clearly evident as i worked to cajole them into acting natural.

there is something about birthdays that i find so overwhelmingly nastalgic. with each passing year none of us are who we were, most especially me and sometimes i'm so grateful.