Friday, May 13, 2016

hello there, friend,

i feel exactly like you do... by 4 o'clock i feel like it is time to unwind if at all possible and i certainly don't want to do anything that requires energy! i would be content most evenings to stay at home and take my time making dinner, have the time to clean up the mess together and either stroll around the neighborhood, play a game together, or curl up with a book.

i can't remember the last time we were gathered around our table for an evening meal. our late afternoons have been so scattered the last few weeks. our schedules are all out of whack, rehearsals and concerts and tryouts have me getting back into the car every 15-20 minutes. we are eating a lot of cereal.

like you, even though i grumble, i often enjoy connecting with other parents, watching groups of students perform together after a semester's work, seeing and hearing the collective whole and noticing, too, how each of them is steadily growing into themselves. i'm often reminded, it's a gift to be where i am... right here and now.