Wednesday, May 11, 2016

hello there, friend,

i love sleeping. not surprisingly, i love sleeping in. but, when i got up early i certainly accomplish more during the day and have a whole lot more energy. i've never regretted waking early, but i have certainly regretted hitting the snooze button too many times.

the early hours of the day can be so productive. i wake each morning full of optimism, eager to do it all and believing it's possible. often, for me, what i do with the first hour of time to myself sets the tone for the rest of the day. i have to remind myself that taking care of my physical and mental health during this time allows me to better care for my home and my family.

like you say, there are so many ways to use this time productively and yet we still can't do everything we might want. figuring out what's essential... which of all the important things are the most important on any given day, can be a struggle, and yet we have to make these kind of decisions consciously. otherwise, we'll wake up one day and wish we had.