Tuesday, May 17, 2016

hello there, friend,

i smiled yesterday morning when i read about your weekend... i could feel some of your joy through the words on the screen. what a delight it is when the unexpected happens and without overthinking anything we embrace it.

i've been thinking about hospitality since sunday when a friend from church invited our family and several others over for lunch. it was such a treat to be hosted by her, to enjoy good food, conversation, and laughter. it was the first time i can remember not worrying at all about the behavior of my kids who are old enough to participate in the conversation and lingering that can happen around the table.

when we left i felt such joy... i thought about the richness that connecting with others brings to our lives. we miss out when we think we can do without it or we don't have time for it. as we were saying goodbye, my friend insisted i take an enormous bouquet of peonies home with me. they sit in our dining room, a reminder of hospitality and generosity, both.