Wednesday, May 25, 2016

hello there, friend,

i think sometimes it's in retrospect that we look back and see how draining a particular time has been, whether days, weeks, or more. i've learned to look for the margin there sometimes is in between the busyness of overscheduled days. i've learned how to read for five minutes here and there while waiting to pick up one of my kids, i've learned to walk in between lessons or practices, and i've learned how to take deep breaths in the mornings as we negotiate breakfast, showers, packing lunches and making it out the door before the bus comes.

all that to say, that for the last two days there has been nowhere to go, nothing to do after school. it feels strange, like i might be forgetting something. last night after eating dinner outside under the grape arbor i realized what had been missing was the feeling that we were connecting as a family. we talked and laughed over dinner and then took turns playing ultimate frisbee in the back yard. i laid on the grass and watched the clouds and chimney swifts while i listened to their banter, full of gratitude.