Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello there, friend,

The internet is such a weird and wonderful place. It has brought me heart-to-heart with so many people, and face-to-face with a few. This weekend was one of those few, on a fluke that I have to believe was divine intervention. I checked Instagram on Saturday evening, saw that a friend was passing through my town, and the next thing I knew I was hugging her in the entrance of my church and, later, sitting with her and our husbands and children at my tiny dining table. They stayed all day and into the evening, and my heart got so full, I swear it could burst.

When they had left and my husband and I sat on our couch to talk before bed, I kept saying that this was such a lovely surprise. And because it was a surprise and totally last minute, I think I enjoyed it all the more. There was no expectation. There was no pressure, just enjoying. It was great.

Today I am feeling so full and blessed. If there's one thing I can say about this, it's how important it is to stay open -- to have an open heart and an open door, to say yes and sometimes just leap. We never know what's out there waiting for us, whether it's a new friend or just a new experience. But it's out there, just waiting, and it's wonderful.