Friday, May 6, 2016

Hello there, friend,

It's Friday and all week I've been fumbling around. It's been an emotional week, an exhausting one, and I'm having trouble finding the words today because all I want is silence and rest. Perhaps this is how you felt last week. So, because it's Friday, I'm trying to be gentle with myself, taking the morning slowly, saying yes and no accordingly. And because a little gratitude goes a long way, here's a list for today:
Watching the sun peek above the horizon at first light, a cup of coffee and a snuggle, playing Uno before sending her off to school, a bath (of course!) for the boy, softball practice in the late evening light, holding hands with my husband in the car, feeling the warm breeze through the open window, knowing we have no plans this weekend except to get outside and be together.
Happy weekend to you!