Tuesday, May 31, 2016

hello there, friend,

this weekend was our first taste of summer and despite feeling some trepidation last week, i can honestly say i know we will be fine. we spent the weekend doing a mixture of things that had to be done and things we wanted to do, collectively and apart. there is something so satisfying for me in working hard, tackling things i don't necessarily want to and then resting. knowing our summer can flow like this between responsibility and relaxation feels really good.

yesterday afternoon, after several hours of purging closets and wardrobes, i drove out to the river to pick up my crew who had floated downriver on a mess of paddle boards and inner tubes. i felt such gratitude for them, for their enthusiasm, for the closeness i could see in their interactions, for the wild beauty of the virginia mountains and sky, and for the gift of a sunny day on the water.