Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello there, friend,

Yesterday, my daughter turned seven. We spent the whole weekend celebrating -- a nature walk, lunch out at the restaurant of her choice, dinner with her grandparents -- and I didn't take any pictures. Is that strange? Maybe. Sometimes I just want to be and not feel like I have to document everything. They say you're less inclined to form a memory in your mind when you're so busy trying to photograph it. Let's hope this ordinary, lovely birthday left me with good memories.

It's hard not to celebrate my daughter's birthday and not think about her birth and the hard, hard transition into parenthood. Especially now that it feels like I've sort of gotten a handle on this motherhood thing. That person who was so excited and frightened, who cried and cried and felt swallowed by it all -- she's still inside me, but she's safe now. Together we're still taking it one step at a time, having made it seven years with so many more to go.