Monday, June 6, 2016

hello there, friend,

almost twenty-five years ago i was a college sophomore. the college that i attended required a semester abroad, which was one of it's many selling points for me. in the fall of my sophomore year, i went to central america with 24 other students and spent time in costa rica studying the language and culture for seven weeks, and then traveling to nicaragua, guatemala, and el salvador for the remaining seven weeks. coincidentally, my husband had done the same trip six years prior to my going. we have always dreamed of going back together and with our kids.

we leave for a trip to nicaragua next week and we are so very excited. i can't wait for them to see and experience a different culture, to see the amazing flora and fauna and biodiversity of this country, and for us to have this experience together.

i'd like to say that i'm calmly crossing things off my list one at a time, but truly, i'm a mess. there are so many things to do, to line up, to organize before we leave. strangely, i keep hearing gretchen rubin's voice in my ear... 'outer order contributes to inner calm'. the first step for me is organizing my lists and cleaning house.