Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello there, friend,

At the beginning of this year, we both chose what we hoped would guide the year ahead. For you, it was focus; for me, only what matters. When I chose that phrase, I hoped it would help me hone in what is essential in my life. But in the last months, it has done little more than give me permission to do whatever is urgent, whatever matters in that exact moment. That's not how I thought this would go.

Now, the layers in my family life are peeling back. No more school for my husband or son; my daughter has only seven more days. We wrap up Girl Scouts and softball this week, and then there's nothing but a blank calendar. At the beginning of the year, you talked about shedding, getting rid of the extra stuff that's just taking up space. That's where I am: shedding. I want to get back to slowness, to do-nothing-ness, to blank spaces, to choice. I want to pull back to the bare minimum, take a few breaths, and consider where to go from here.