Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello there, friend,

I once read about a mom who had a jar of popsicle sticks. All of them said no except one that said yes. Each morning, she'd have her child reach into the jar and choose a stick. If it said no, then they would have a regular day. If it said yes, though, then they would have a day of yes -- anything her child asked for would be yes. Dessert for breakfast? Yes! All day at the park? Yes! A movie past bedtime? Yes!

I have thought about that a lot in the last months. It's so easy to say no. Like you said, all of the tasks that need doing, all of this adulting -- it takes so much energy. No can become the default position because there's just so much to do. Which is why I've been so adamant lately about saying yes to my children and to myself. Let's have fun! This isn't all drudgery!

I didn't know that I'd have to remind myself of this all of the time as an adult. This is life. It's messy and hard and filled with the mundane. But life is also a choice -- a yes or a no, go this way or that, hold on or let go. So let's be gracious to ourselves this weekend and head out for an adventure. Let's say yes!