Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hello there, friend,

I took a big leap to shed something yesterday that I was on the fence about. But after writing to you and talking with my husband, I realized I really do need to pare down and shed. This particular thing felt so weighty that both letting it go and holding it so tightly felt wrong. And so I let go.

Yesterday afternoon I gave myself permission to do nothing. I sat on the patio and read a magazine. I drank a beer. I stared into space. Not every day can be like that, but it's what I've been needing: space to breathe. Later when the kids were spraying hose water everywhere and my husband was grilling our dinner, I felt profoundly grateful.

That gratitude has slipped into today. I have much to be grateful for: friends who encourage me and cry with me and love me, two kids snuggled beside me while I read to them, my husband who texts just to say hello, coffee and Uno and a slow morning. Such blessings these are. I don't want to overlook them.