Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hello there, friend,

I woke this morning early. The birds and their morning song have been waking me around sunrise. This morning, I didn't mind. I pulled up the shade and grabbed my book. I figured I had an hour's worth of reading left, so I snuggled down under the covers and read through to the end. It felt good to do something so indulgent.

The rest of the morning went smoothly. It seems now, at the end of the school year, we have figured out a seamless morning routine. My favorite part of the morning is sipping coffee while playing Uno with my kids. Sometimes all four of us play; other times it's just my daughter and me. I didn't realize how grateful I'd be to play that game over and over, how it would become part of every morning since Christmas. It's a good place to start in the morning, together and playing.