Thursday, June 2, 2016

hello there, friend,

thinking about your words yesterday, i know what you write is true for me as well. i have a hard time letting others care for me. i have been the care-taker of our home as well as those inside it for so long that i am used to doing it all and thinking there isn't even another way. i have wondered if that is because when we had children i made the decision to stay home with them. although i worked part-time work for some of those years, i became the one who cared for our children and our home for the better part of each day.

i read somewhere last week that it is impossible to be completely present for our children if we are doing every other single thing that needs to be done in order to run a home. the case was being made for teaching children at a young age to contribute daily because when the work load is shared there is more energy to go around.

it has taken some years for me to see that even though i continue in the role of part-time 'bread winner', i can't continue to do it all. the demands of adulting are enormous. i am, by no means good at disseminating the work load, but i'm getting better at trying to.


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  1. As the mother of three grown men, I can say now that I should have allowed my children to do more. I should have taught them to help. to take up some of what needed to be done. It was always easier to do it myself. But a mother with more energy, with more time to focus on her own passions, would have been good for them to see. Such a beautiful photo and such true words.