Friday, June 10, 2016

hello there, friend,

this week, i've felt a frustration at the end of each day that i didn't do more. it seems i continue to add more to my list than i cross off. when this happens to me day after day, i start to think too much... to wonder why it is that i can't do more, which makes me resentful of all that i do, and annoyed with myself for having these thoughts in the first place, because i know full well that my 'problems' are those of the privileged.

i have to remind myself that it is a gift to have the resources to do all the things that we do. that as i worry about what to pack in my suitcase, or which books to load up on my kindle, there are others who worry about the basics of food and shelter or keeping their children safe.

today, as i work, i hope to attend to tasks big and small with gratitude. to demonstrate to my children an attitude of generosity, to believe that there is abundance, and that we can find reasons to be grateful all day long.