Tuesday, June 14, 2016

hello there, friend,

when i chose the word shed in january, i found it really helpful to think about the months of the year and what goals i might have each month. i started right away with my email and calendar, getting rid of things that were distracting in my inbox and deciding how to do less during the course of a week. i moved on to a whole 30 the next month and in march focused on planning meals and grocery shopping once a week.

and then, to be honest, i lost momentum and found that even though i knew i needed to shed more, i was stymied... stuck in a place where i just didn't want to do the work. i started to think that summer would be the time to tackle larger projects. (procrastination is my true superpower.)

i listened to an author talk about seasons the other day, and he talked about the season of newness as being winter - not spring. that when we 'lie fallow', when we are quiet and maybe there's even less light - new growth begins. i found that so lovely and helpful. i'm hoping that this time of quiet and contemplation will recharge my desire to do some of the hard work, that i'll return from this trip motivated to begin again.