Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello there, friends,

It is such an honor for us to write in this space every day. When we first thought of this project, our hope was to create a space that honored our lives as women, that sought out the deeper truths in our lives and forced us to slow down, pay attention, and find gratitude in the day-to-day. This project fills us with hope and sustains us.

And because we want to come here with open hearts and fresh eyes, we are taking a little break from posting. We need some time to slow down and recharge. We will be back on July 5 with new posts every Monday through Friday, and have more guest posts with some amazing women throughout the summer. Also, we will be checking in over on Instagram, using our gratitude hashtag #htfgratitude and featuring your gratitude posts, so keep sharing!

And one more thing: If you haven't heard yet, we've been featured in the most recent issue of Bella Grace magazine. We are so honored and excited about this! You can get your hands on a copy at Barnes & Noble or through their website. We'd love to know if you've seen us in there!

As always, we are so grateful for all of you. We'll see you in July!

b + L