Wednesday, July 13, 2016

hello there, friend,

yesterday at my sister's house, i overheard my almost 16 year old niece say something to the effect of, "i can't wait for x and y!!" and in the next breath saying out loud how hard it can be for her to be happy and content in the moment. both my sister and i confessed that it's our biggest challenge some days.

i know at her age i wanted little to do with my current life, that i was always thinking the best things were right around the corner. i can almost feel the longing i had for something other than my boring day-to-day teenage life. i wanted excitement; a first kiss, my driver's license, to be a senior, to go away to college... my days were full of daydreams.

it's so easy to think that the next thing will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled, but at some point it becomes clear - if you do not choose to be grateful for what you have - for the beauty in the ordinary - you will be unhappy or at best unsatisfied most of the time.

i opened up my instagram feed shortly before going to bed and read this post from shauna niequist, "one of the quickest ways back to joy: let go of how you think things should be and begin to accept them as they are." something about this statement really hit home for me. sometimes we don't live in the moment precisely because it's not meeting our expectations... learning to let go of those is a daily struggle for me.