Monday, July 11, 2016

hello there, friend,

i write to you this morning from eastern pennsylvania. after dropping off my youngest for a week at camp, my oldest and i grabbed some bagels for the road and drove north. it was the perfect day for driving... high puffy clouds and blue sky above and either lush green woods or green fields of corn below.

we met up with my best friend from college before coming to my sister's house late last night. i woke to sunshine flooding the bed i slept in. grateful for yesterday's journey, for time and connection with an old friend, for knowing i get to spend the week ahead with my sister, that we'll meet up with our parents and get to talk long into the evening, that cousins will have time to connect.

this summer, we aren't spending a whole lot of time at home. it's something that's taken a bit to adust to. i had thoughts of tackling some projects at home this summer - painting, purging, sewing... but the reality is those projects need momentum and dedicated blocks of time i'm just not sure we'll have. i'm realizing again how much my expectations affect my mood and how i see myself. now that i've come to see our summer for what it is, i'm enjoying (almost) every minute.