Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello there, friend,

My summer has been quite the opposite of yours, very anchored at home. We have no travel plans except to head to the lake whenever we can. Summer has felt slow, the days long. I feel firmly planted in the rhythm of the day, which mostly revolves around food and afternoon quiet time. Everything else is up for grabs.

Last week, we toured the facility where my son will be going to Pre-K next year. He's so excited; we all are. But it's made me realize that these days of having kids home all day are coming to an end. As excited as I am to usher him out the door, I also feel that sadness, the bittersweetness that I'm sure you've felt too.

I always wanted home to feel restful for my family. A haven, a place to be who they are without the pressures of the world. Now I see that's exactly what it is. Here, we are simply who we are. We're each learning and growing together. We're laughing and fighting and figuring it out. And not to say that we couldn't use a break in the routine or some travel this summer, but being home isn't so bad. We're okay just where we are.