Friday, July 22, 2016

hello there, friend,

there is a certain amount of tension in writing here as we do. we dig below the surface of our outward selves as we write, searching for our truth in that moment. the digging and reflecting we do can be uncomfortable and messy. at the same time, we desire to resonate with our readers and stay true to ourselves, to be authentic.

there are times i come here to write and i don't know what to say. i mentioned this to my dad a few weeks ago and he wondered aloud if i didn't have enough good input. while that may be true sometimes, i'm beginning to wonder if right now i need more space without it.

this summer has been so good, so full and rich, but i haven't had the kind of space and time alone that i'm used to. we've been away for much of the summer and i'm just now finding myself eager to be back at home in my own space, where the predictability of routine helps shape my days and where i'll have the kind of time and space to reflect more deeply.