Friday, July 15, 2016

hello there, friend,

this week has been such a treat for me. i've been at my sister's house and instead of having six kids between us, we've only had three. i haven't been responsible for meal planning or grocery shopping. i haven't felt guilty at the end of the day because i didn't get enough done. we've spent these days lingering over coffee, laughing and crying, walking and talking, playing games, and breathing the same air.

the other night my sister and i stayed up past midnight watching old videos of our kids. we started with a series from when our kids ranged in age from three to six and ended up finding video from their earliest days - our oldest are just ten days apart. we laughed until we cried. i cannot believe we survived those early years. seeing ourselves as young mothers, we each remembered how hard it was although we most certainly didn't remember some of the details. our lives used to be consumed with what they ate, how they napped (or didn't) and bedtimes.

today we continue our summer adventures with a weekend at my in-law's farm in western pennsylvania where my youngest will come back from camp. cousins will most likely spend every waking moment together exploring the barn, woods, or pond and we'll get to hear stories about their week. i'm so grateful for who my kids have become and am so grateful, too, to be on this side of parenting.