Thursday, July 7, 2016

hello there, friend,

yesterday i spent the afternoon at the lake with one of my best friends and my sister. although it was raining when we left, the clouds parted and the sun shone shortly after we arrived. the kids screamed, swam, kayaked, and devised their own athletic events while we chatted, floating on noodles in the clear cool water. i felt like pinching myself, it was so perfect.

i agree with what you said yesterday about the anchor that this space has become... when i come to this space to write, i find myself mentally sifting through the day or days, reflecting on what what has been true for me, and knowing that as i reflect i learn about myself and whether or not i'm paying attention to the things i think are the most important.

i was surprised these last few weeks how easy it was to slip into the me i'd rather always be. a bit more patient, curious, brave, and so much more confident. the nagging voices about not being or doing enough didn't exist. since i've come to that realization, i've continued to reflect on the how and why of that, hoping that as i tease it apart, i'll be more fully me.