Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Visit in New York, 2016

Hello there, friends,

I write to you, as I often do, from a place of gratitude, but this time the gratitude is overflowing. I spent a two amazing, whirlwind days with Beth, who meandered her way to New York, to my home, for a visit. Our time together was short, but I knew from the moment she opened the front door and threw her arms around me that it would be good. And it was.

We stayed up late by the fire that first night. We talked and drank wine and suddenly it was midnight, the night slipping away from us. Already time was flying by. The next morning, we headed to the lake house, just the two of us, two friends walking the strange line of already knowing each other so well but also getting to know each other for the first time. If there ever was a time to show up and be seen, this was it.

We talked and laughed and lost track of time more than once. We ate lunch while the rain fell and wandered around the small college town in the afternoon heat. We headed to the beach, the wind blowing hard, and watched the sun go down over the lake. More than once, we said we should be taking more pictures, but pulling away from the conversation, from being in the moment, was hard. So we let it be. Some things will just be between us.

I had no idea a year and a half ago, when Beth emailed me with the idea that we could collaborate on what would become hello there, friend, that this project shape who I was becoming, force me to pay attention to my own life, and to carry the full weight of gratitude into everything. I also didn't know that this deep friendship would take root and grow, and that this woman who was still very much a stranger would become one of my best friends. How could we have known? We both just said yes, and here we are.

I have no clue where this project will take us, but I know our journey is far from over. There is much more ahead for us, and I can't wait to keep walking this path to find out.



hello there, friends,

when i first emailed lindsay with the idea to collaborate on a project together, i’m not even sure i could tell you where she lived or what her family’s composition was. i knew we were like-minded in some ways and i assumed that was enough to begin something. the most amazing thing is she said yes. and so we began.

we reflected on that idea several times while we were together… the idea of just beginning. when you don’t know a lot and you don’t overthink things too much, it seems that instead of fearing the unknown and asking question after question about it, you just start doing the work.

it is amazing to me that three years or so ago i admired the writing and photography of someone who two years ago or so i connected with in an occasional card or email, who more than a year and half ago i approached with a rudimentary idea, who has become part of the fabric of my daily life, who i text several times each week, who i collaborate with daily and who has now become someone i consider to be a dear and close friend.

i don’t feel like i can put into words what a gift it is to have uninterrupted time with someone who shares so many of your interests, with whom you can talk for hours and lose all track of time, who listens and questions, who wonders and is curious, who wants to be intentional in life, who seeks to cultivate gratitude, and asks over and over again, "how can i live my life well?"

i am forever grateful for where this journey has taken both of us. i’m grateful to lindsay for saying yes. i’m grateful to you, our readers, for the support you have given us and our project. we don’t know where we are going from here, exactly... but we continue to say yes and to do the work.


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