Monday, August 15, 2016

hello there, friend,

after the blur of the past week, having time this weekend to sleep in, sip coffee on the front porch, and walk around the pond more than once was such a gift.

analyzing the past week, i knew part of the difficulty for me was with disorganization. our habits and patterns of doing whatever we want when we want to left us at a disadvantage for the first week of school. we made it each day, but by the skin of our teeth. i went to bed each night exhausted.

as we sat around the table at lunch yesterday, we talked about the week ahead. we talked about what we could do to make things easier. i took notes as we decided on ways to streamline packing lunches and making dinner. we challenged each other to hang up backpacks, to put shoes and dishes away immediately and to limit screentime until homework was finished.

asking for help is not something i am good at. having a family meeting is my attempt to do better. i can feel the relief in my body and mind as we begin this week, feeling like we're all in this together.