Tuesday, August 23, 2016

hello there, friend,

i could feel it in the air just before bedtime as i sat on the couch. there was a cool breeze coming in through the living room window. by the time i woke up in the morning, the weather had completely shifted. i walked this morning for the first time since school started, marveling at the feeling of dry cool air on my skin.

after work today, i came home to a house that needed my attention and a mental list of to-dos that i knew i could tackle and make some headway on... but i couldn't go inside. anyone who knows me knows i am a huge procrastinator, but in this case, i felt completely justified. weather like this seems like what we see in september, not necessarily in august. the cobwebs, dingy sinks, and laundry (among other things) could wait. i grabbed a book and headed out to the back yard and read, the cat next to me, feeling so incredibly grateful.