Friday, August 5, 2016

hello there, friend,

i have thought a lot this summer about being content versus being unsatisfied. each has it's place in our lives to either cultivate gratitude or perhaps spur us to action.

i've noticed that i'm more content when i'm doing less and when my expectations are low. which leads me to believe that for too long, i've been thinking that i was capable of doing it all. we've talked before about essentialism and the idea that we can't do everything, but that when we focus on what's most important or meaningful we can excel at it.

i continue to wonder what i need to let go of, in order to be better at what i consider to be most important for me personally and for my family. inadvertently writing a manifesto of sorts the other day has me wondering how writing a vision statement of my own might help me to tease that apart.