Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello there, friend,

I know the push and pull you're talking about -- the desire to get a lot done, but also to rest and just be. I quite often don't know which is better and end up riding the momentum of whatever I feel at the moment. If I get into a doing groove, I try to ride it out as long as it'll take me. But if I'm having a hard time getting started or feel the need to rest, I try to give myself grace.

We still have five weeks of summer here, and lots of plans ahead for the month. I also have lots of plans in my head, things I want to get started or accomplish. I'm realizing that most of it will have to wait until the fall when I can get more reliable stretches of time to work. For now, being present with my kids, saying yes to adventure (even when I'm feeling lazy), and letting go of expectations have been the right mix this summer.