Thursday, August 25, 2016

hello there, friend,

i've been thinking about to-do lists and the satisfaction i get from checking something off the list... especially if it's something i've been neglecting because of one reason or another. and while this is so, the feeling is temporary, fleeting. when the day is over, i'm more likely to feel as if i've failed when there are still things on the list. why i can't be satisfied with what i did get done or with all the things that i did that never made it to the list??

today i heard a quote by robert louis stephenson:

"don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." 

and this makes perfect sense. each day there are so many things i do to keep things running smoothly in our household, but what meaningful work have i done in my relationships with the people around me, or with myself? if i were to make a list of the kind words i used or the ways in which i was helpful or generous, what would that list look like?