Tuesday, August 9, 2016

hello there, friend,

the last few days have been a blur, already the start of the school year and the other obligations of home and church have left me with little time for either myself or to connect with those around me.

i listened to something over the weekend that really spoke to me. it was a three way conversation between women, all of them authors, who talked about the necessity of having 'woods'. it was meant to be a metaphor of sorts for a place where a woman could go where there would be no outside voices or influences on her, where she could be free to be herself, where there were no outside expectations placed on her, no messages about who she should be or what she should do.

for these women, it was sometimes literally being outside that allowed for this space, for one of them it was her writing that became this space. i caught my breath, because this echoed some of my thoughts this summer about contentment and dissatisfaction. when i'm in the woods, literal or otherwise, i am more in touch with myself, i care far less about what others think of me, i'm content, i can hear my own voice.

i find myself wondering how to find this space in my daily life, how to make sure i'm listening to myself, finding a place where others voices can't compete.