Friday, August 19, 2016

hello there, friend,

last november our family trekked to florida for a week of camping over thanksgiving. the weather wasn't as good as we had hoped for, there were some cool and rainy days, there was lots of grumpiness on all our parts, and disagreement about how to spend our days. add sleeping in a tent and making food on a coleman stove into the mix and it seemed like a recipe for disaster. i was feeling far less than grateful.

to combat my boredom and cynicism of the family vacation in general, i started shooting quick 5-10 second clips on my phone that week and decided to make a movie each day... and surprisingly the simple act of putting them together led me straight back to gratitude. gratitude for the gift of time together, the natural beauty of florida, for the small moments that were connecting us to each other, even sleeping in a tent at night.

one of my favorite parts of our trip this summer was using my phone to shoot lots of short videos. i knew i couldn't put movies together while we were gone, it would take too much time. but, since we've been home, i've had time to put together movies of the first two weeks. i am amazed at how they remind me to be grateful and as our friend deb said in her guest post, they allow me to fall in love with my own life. they remind me that my life is rich and full in so many ways and that the memories we have made together are the most important thing.