Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello there, friend,

This concept of woods reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend shortly after we both became mothers. She told me about a poet we both loved, Ruth Stone, who so desperately needed to write her poems that she would shut the door, her children beating against the other side, so that she could write. My friend said she never wanted to be that kind of mother. She didn't want to put her children aside for her art. I, on the other hand, learned quickly that my art, my work, my calling, whatever it was, was important enough to me that I had to respond, even if it meant the children had to wait.

Much like having a room of one's own, having woods sounds like the space we make in order to be fully ourselves. And don't we so desperately need it? We have so many roles to play -- mother, wife, sister, friend, worker, artist, woman -- don't we need a space to simply be?

I feel that most wholly when I am alone with a journal by my side, a place where I can keep my innermost thoughts and reflect on them. It's so necessary to create that space and know, no matter what everyone else wants from us or needs us to be, that we can be fully who we are. I find so much comfort in that, hope that I can go on.