Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello there, friend,

This morning, I awoke to all the normal seven o'clock noises -- kids stirring, cupboard doors opening and shutting, the dog tiptoeing across the hardwoods. But no one came and got me out of bed, even though my husband was already off to work. My daughter made breakfast and both kids were playing quietly by the time I made my way downstairs.

'How did this happen?' I thought. Just a few weeks ago, we were struggling through our summer mornings. And now, on the tail end of vacation, these kids have suddenly fallen into their own routine, one where I can have a few quiet moments in bed before all the demands of the day start dropping into my lap. It gives me hope that in this coming school year we fall quickly back into our old school routine, picking up where we left off in June.

With so much uncertainty in the coming weeks as I get both kids ready to head to school every day and try to wrap my mind around the fact that my husband won't be headed to school, I have to remember that it's going to be okay. We're moving forward, whatever that means, and I don't have to be afraid even if I'm not quite sure what's coming.