Monday, August 29, 2016

hello there, friend,

this weekend went by so very quickly, but i feel like i squeezed out every little bit of goodness from it that i could. several times a year, i get together with my best friends from college. we lived together in the same town following college and for the next eight years. we typically meet for a weekend at least once, but sometimes as many as three times a year.

it becomes harder and harder to find and make the time to see each other. our children are all in high school and middle school, our work schedules are all over the place, and finding a weekend that suits us all is a real challenge. we realized several weeks ago, that eighteen hours would have to do.

it has become clear to me throughout the last few years, that connection is one of my deepest needs and desires. having these women in my life is one of my greatest joys. i am forever grateful that i walked down the hallway of my dorm my freshman year and said hello to a stranger who played field hockey, that later, i became friends with a canadian who had also stayed in town over the summer, and that our sophomore year a very sweet girl moved in a few doors down as a freshman. we talked over and over about how random life can be, how these kind of circumstances sometimes determine more of your life's outcome than you can know.