Monday, August 1, 2016

hello there, friend,

we have spent the last few days being lazy. as the start of school gets closer i find two things are true for me simultaneously... i want to get as much done as i can and i want to do nothing at all, because summer is almost over.

we spent the weekend making sure some of the essentials were taken care of, but we did things that filled us up, too. in between lounging in the only room with air conditioning we practiced piano, cut and arranged bouquets of sunflowers and zinnias, made lists of necessary items for halloween costumes, listened to hilarious dog stories from the wilds of canada, created a new habitat for some tiny toads, and floated down the river twice.

it's easy for me to worry and wonder that i don't get enough done during the day, that i'll regret not waking earlier and being productive. but truly these lazy days won't last forever. it is filling me up right now to listen to my kids in the other room talking to each other about their toads, to sit here typing, as i listen to birds and as a cool breeze floats through the window... marveling at the gift of each new day.