Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello there, friend,

Yesterday morning, my daughter and I walked down to the beach near the lake house. I suggested we collect rocks, but she just wanted to explore. When we were done, we sat down on a big rock and she snuggled into me. It felt so good to sit together, watching the waves roll up to the shore, listening to the mad rush and not feeling like we need to say a thing. How desperately I needed that time with her. How desperately did I need to feel like everything is okay.

I am watching each day pass this summer, wanting to soak in every second, knowing that the new school year will bring change for all of us. Part of me keeps trying to figure out what life will feel like in the fall. But another part of me is reminding me to slow down and enjoy. Summer is not over yet, and there's so many more memories to be made.