Wednesday, August 31, 2016

hello there, friend,

your letter yesterday and something i listened to recently, remind me that it's normal to be joy-filled, optimistic, overwhelmed, angry, confused, sad, and afraid (and/or whatever else) all in the the course of a normal day. to be fully human is to fully experience the range of our feelings and emotions, to allow them to come and to go, to recognize the value each one of them might have in illuminating some deeper truth.

i have to confess this is very hard for me to know in the moment, but i believe it to be true. i find myself wondering on a daily basis 'what is wrong with me?' and the answer is that i am human.

life is beautiful and life is hard. we can't be happy all the time and we can't avoid pain and disappointment. to numb ourselves to our negative feelings is to numb ourselves to our feelings of happiness and joy, which is no way to live.

and so, a new day begins... a new day in which to be aware of my emotions and feelings knowing i am flawed and at the same time, enough.