Wednesday, August 17, 2016

hello there, friend,

your words yesterday were such a good reminder to me. right now so many things feel like drudgery. things feel heavy and frantic. even though i try to be proactive, i'm still left with the feeling that there are too many things on my proverbial plate and i can't do them all. this always leads to a feeling of 'not-enoughness'.

and so i take your words about delight and rest to heart. right now, delight and rest for me means enjoying the stories that my first graders have to tell me, sitting in silence as i drive to and from work, going to bed early with a laugh out loud book, making sure i am getting plenty of sleep, and not scrolling mindlessly through various feeds on my phone. it means connecting with my kids one on one whenever possible and reminding myself that my value isn't based on what i do or don't do... that i am enough.