Monday, September 19, 2016

hello there, friend,

i thought a lot about our letters from last week over the weekend. what i loved most about your letter on friday was the idea that in some ways our life's work is to practice what we are learning. we learn something, we have a chance to practice it, we process and reflect, an opportunity arises and we have a chance to practice again. like sitting in discomfort or pain, we get better at doing this by doing it. there's no other way. and some days it will be easier to do this than others.

in the process of understanding myself more fully, i have found that i'm better able to understand my kids... their struggles, their emotions, and their pain. instead of reacting to them, i can sit alongside them. i can reassure them that they are normal, that it's ok.

i know as i move into this week, there will be some discomfort and there will be some joy (and probably a whole range of things in between) and my job is to feel every bit of it. i have to remind myself that this allows me to live and love more fully.